Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sitting on the fence..

Much has changed since the last post. The maid has come in 1st of all. Thought i would have more time to play but turns out otherwise.. I would spend my free time with Shauna or sleeping (Heck, nightshift is tiring yah..)..
I've also recently unsubscribed from WAR, seeing how much less time I'm spending online. I hav'nt broken the news to the Guild because I may not quit just yet..

Satsume, a fellow Alliance member, has surprisingly, rolled a WH on Order! My inspiration to blog now plays on Order? Heehee.. Now I've tried to play Order before. Best I ever got was a R16 Shadow Warrior.. Should I forsake all of my 159g on my Destro characters and helpful guildmates to play Order? It'll be a fresh change for sure, especially when I keep running back to a Destro Warcamp hahaha

To make decisions more difficult, Bootae posted some links to a WAR expansion (which I cannot access from work for sure)! Will we finally be able to play Skaven? Is it even worth waiting for the expansion??

So how??!! If i wanna quit, definitely can. Hey I quit WoW before.. Time to play appears to be the problem.. And now, we're expecting Baby #2 ETA November! Once B2 arrives, my world will be topsy turvy again.. So hard to make a decision...


  1. Congrats on the baby!!

    A fresh change is why I decided to pick up the Witch Hunter. My Witch Elf and Destro started leaving a bad taste in my mouth, so it's nice to start over.

    I say take a break for a while, it sounds like you need it. Once everything re-stabilizes you can come on back. We'll be here when you return :)

  2. Thanks Sats!
    Played a WH and SW over the weekend and I must say its a nice change. I've got a few more days to try it out on Order b4 the subscription dies, so.. :p