Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sitting on the fence..

Much has changed since the last post. The maid has come in 1st of all. Thought i would have more time to play but turns out otherwise.. I would spend my free time with Shauna or sleeping (Heck, nightshift is tiring yah..)..
I've also recently unsubscribed from WAR, seeing how much less time I'm spending online. I hav'nt broken the news to the Guild because I may not quit just yet..

Satsume, a fellow Alliance member, has surprisingly, rolled a WH on Order! My inspiration to blog now plays on Order? Heehee.. Now I've tried to play Order before. Best I ever got was a R16 Shadow Warrior.. Should I forsake all of my 159g on my Destro characters and helpful guildmates to play Order? It'll be a fresh change for sure, especially when I keep running back to a Destro Warcamp hahaha

To make decisions more difficult, Bootae posted some links to a WAR expansion (which I cannot access from work for sure)! Will we finally be able to play Skaven? Is it even worth waiting for the expansion??

So how??!! If i wanna quit, definitely can. Hey I quit WoW before.. Time to play appears to be the problem.. And now, we're expecting Baby #2 ETA November! Once B2 arrives, my world will be topsy turvy again.. So hard to make a decision...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Zooq is finally at a  lowly 33. i don't remember Zurkan having levelling problems.. maybe its due to me being too busy, preparing for the arrival of the new maid, getting obssessed with collecting watches and knowing nothing about it, going into night shift (again..), fretting about the band's future.. or MAYBE, it's the lack of orvr in T4.
Ever since Zooq got into T4, he's had trouble finding a WB to join. maybe he's too lowly, maybe the WB's are all full? There are masses of players in the WCs but not one open party.. the only thing keeping Zooq going is the 4 purples that a very kind guildie has mailed to me. i'll need 40 to wear those lol
on the bright side, both Zurk and Zooq have got their trade skills to 200. Maybe it's time to re-activate Zurkan and respec him to sword and board. He's only left with abit of influence to get the nice purple shield. And he's got Invader gear just sitting in the bank.. Maybe..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally R20 and able to ride a mount. Makes travelling alot easier :D Had always wanted a white car but maintenance would be hell. A white riding wolf would do nicely here

In T3, it is mostly quiet for orvr. Now that I'm back in dayshift, it's almost impossible to join the US warbands anymore. Had to resort to PQs and some questing to level. Being R25 now, Zooq can go to LoTD for some grinding fun -.-"

Friday, January 8, 2010


While waiting for patch to download (ok so I was'nt so lucky after all), here's a funny animation glitch. This other Squigger actually had no face. Invisible Squigger ftw!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Computer's back..

Finally.. seems like ages... Fortunately, all the Warhammer files seem intact. Unfortunately, Mummy Lim's photos have all been wiped.. good thing most of them were stored on an external HDD and her handphone.

Went through some trouble to get the PC back:
Me: Hi, we'd like to check if our computer is ready for collection.
Sales: Did we call you to collect?
Me: Well, no. i tried to call you guys but your number was not in use anymore.
Sales: Like that ah, I think it'll take another one or two weeks.
Me: WHAT?! i brought it in last week and you guys said it'll take a week, now your saying it'll take another week??
Sales: When did your bring it in?
Me: 1st Jan, see, right there. Can you just check?
Sales: Ok, we'll check.

Sales proceeds to aft of the store and asks his service guy.

Service: Did we call you to collect?
Me: *facepalm* No, but I'd like to check anyways. Your number is not in use, I could'nt get through..
Service: It may not be ready yet..
Me: Can you just run a check?
Service: Oh ok, let me see... Is it this one (points at a crappy computer)?
Me: Nopes.
Service: Ah there it is! It's ready!
Me: Yay..

While paying for the service rendered...

Service: That'll be $40, sir. The guy that received your computer should have done this (scribbles the actual phone number in use onto invoice)...
Me: Thanks...

Singapore: Number 1 in everything. Except service. And maybe football.